Benefits Gyrotonic® Firenze Silvia Frosali

Created since the 1980’s by the Hungarian dancer Juliu Horvath the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® has been established worldwide as a method that harmonically helps to increase the functional capabilities of the entire body.
By incorporating basic principles of yoga, swimming and martial arts, the method is used in prevention, therapy and re-education. In particular, it increases the functional capacity of the spine, making it more flexible, resistant, toned, strong and agile. This results in a correction of posture and benefit in the case of musculoskeletal disorders.

Combining breath with rhythmic exercises stimulates the cardiocirculatory  cardiocirculatory, lymphatic system and the circulation of internal energy by focusing on the biological unit of the organism.
The method is successfully adopted by doctors, osteopaths, and physiotherapists in rehabilitation therapies.

The Effects of Gyrotonic Exercises:

better body conscience
correct posture
more toned muscle
strong and elastic spine
healthy and mobile joints
more efficient circulation
harmonious physicality
greater psycho-physical control
better balance and neuro-muscular coordination