The  GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM is a holistic movement concept which considers the body as a functional unity with the spine as central axis. Including key principles of Yoga, Swimming, Dance, Gymnastics and Tai Chi, the method uses special equipments which allow a full freedom of movement and the execution of three-dimensionalfluid and continuous movements.

 Waves and spirals, executed rhythmically and melodically with the help of adapted breathing patterns, improve the mobility of the spine. With a minimal axial effort, multiple articulations and muscular chains get mobilised. The correct mobilisation of the spine, connected with the coordination and involvement of the limbs, stimulates the function of the relatively connected organs and strengthens the muscular function. It is a real movement education which helps to liberate energetical blocks, stimulating the meridian system.

The method allows a major body awareness and so a better psycho-physical balance. The  GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM is used all over the world by people of all ages, in rehabilitation and physiotherapy, as training or support to dance or sports.

 For a professional use of the system it is obligatory to be a Certified Gyrotonic Instructor.
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