Principles in the Context of Osteopathy Gyrotonic® Firenze Silvia Frosali


The course is authorized by Juliu Horvath and by the Gyrotonic Head Quarter and is valid as a Gyrotonic Level 1 Update

This course offers both theoretical informations about osteopathy and practical applications on the Pulley tower and on the floor. 
Making a bridge between the two methods, the course will propose keys with which to interpret the Gyrotonic work from an osteopathic point of view.

There will also be given some examples of the osteopathic approach to problems of restriction of movements (articular, muscular, visceral…), with particular attention to the
“hands on”, according to articular biomechanics and the “osteopathic lesion”.

No osteopathic , anatomical/medical knowledge required for enrolling in the course!



 The participant has to be GYROTONIC Level 1 Teacher. 
The participant has to have a valid Trademark License Agreement.

Amount of days:

three days (six hours on the first two days and five hours on the third day for a total of 17 hours)

Price   € 350.-

For further and more specific informations please consult or contact Silvia at +39-349-7258004 or at