Silvia Frosali Gyrotonic® Firenze

I was born in Florence, Italy, where I started to study ballet at the Scuola Hamlyn when I was very young. The passion for dance continued through the years and, still adolescent, I went to London where I had the wonderful opportunity to study at the Royal Ballet School. Back from London I danced first with the ATERballetto in Reggio Emilia, Italy, with Amedeo Amodio, then at the Stadt Oper Bonn, Germany, with Peter van Dyck and later at the Théâtre Choréographique de Rennes, France, with Gigi Caciuleanu. During a performance I had a very bad knee accident, which interrupted my dance career.

In the late Eighties I began to study physiotherapy, following my interest for Manual Therapies and movement, which had already grown for many years. At the same time I had the chance to meet Juliu Horvath and the Gyrotonic Method. It was a real revelation: the method reassumed exactly my desire to learn to know the body through movement, and it gave me finally the sustain that the “classical” therapies that I had learned up to that moment, were not able to give me. After a few years in Italy I moved again to Germany, first to Cologne where I worked as a physiotherapist and Gyrotonic teacher at a big rehabilitation center for sport injuries, teaching also Gyrokinesis at the Dance Academy; then I moved to Freiburg, working in a Performing Arts Medicine Center. During my stay in Germany I started to study Osteopathy at the International Academy of Osteopathy.

I am Gyrotonic Master Trainer since 2003, Gyrokinesis Master Trainer since 2007 and Osteopath D.O. since 2005. For a few years now I live again in Florence, Italy, where I work in my own studio as well as at the Hamlyn Ballet School and the Accademia Coreutica Internazionale, combining my experiences as an Osteopath with the ones as a teacher. I teach as a Master Trainer in Italy and abroad. Recently I have developed (and already taught in different countries) the course Gyrotonic Principles in the context of Ostepathy, approved by Juliu Horvath and open to first level Gyrotonic Teachers. Since 2011 I’m Gyrokinesis Specialized Master Trainer which allows me to teach the Gyrokinesis final certification courses.