Horvath’s methodology invigorates the body, helping to find correct posture and allowing motor patterns to be performed with fluidity, relaxation and power.

This methodology works systematically and delicately on joints and muscles by means of wave and rhythmic exercises. An integrated breathing system corresponding to each movement stimulates the internal organs of the body. Fluidity is the key concept. The postures are not maintained for long and the positions are harmoniously linked to each other by the use of appropriate breathing techniques, making the exercises look more like dance than yoga. The system acts on the whole body, paying particular attention to the spinal column and its natural directions of movement: flexion, extension, flexion and left and right rotation, spirals and finally, combinations and expansions of these various movements.

The class begins with a self-massage which Juliu calls “The awakening of the senses“. Each class takes place not only in a sitting position but also in the supine and upright position. Sitting on stools you then begin to mobilize the spine and pelvic area. These same movements expand and allow the hips and joints of the limbs to be involved and released. The breathing used in the exercises helps to stimulate the nervous system, to open the energy channels, while the oxygenated blood favors the elimination of waste and toxins. The more advanced classes integrate exercises with greater resistance, preparing the body for more demanding activities.