The GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® is essentially a re-education of the body’s movement that allows for a greater awareness of body perception and a better psycho-physical balance. The method is used all over the world by people of all ages in rehabilitation and physical therapy, as training or support for dancers or different sports disciplines. It is a holistic movement system that considers the body as a functional unit whose axis is centered around the spine.

Offering benefits similar to those derived from yoga, swimming, dance, gymnastics and tai-chi, the method makes use of special equipment that allows full freedom of movement and that allow the execution of three-dimensional, circular, fluid and continuous movements. Waves and spirals performed in a melodic and rhythmic way and with the help of adequate breathing patterns, improve the mobility of the spine.

With minimal axial effort, multiple joints and muscle chains are mobilized. The method helps to release energy blocks by stimulating the meridian system. The correct mobilization of the spine, combined with coordination and involvement of the limbs, stimulates the functions of the organs related to it and enhances muscle function.